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What kids all over the world leave out for Santa

In the United States, the Christmas season starts the moment after Thanksgiving dinner ends, with bellies full of turkey and sinks full of dishes. 
Storefronts light up, Christmas music begins playing on the radio, and kids begin working on their Christmas lists. Other countries might not be quite as Christmas crazy, but it is a holiday beloved by different people all over the world. One tradition that people usually think of only days before the big day is leaving treats out for Santa Claus on his tiring trek around the globe. Cookies and milk are traditional for America, but the rest of the world has many variations on offerings to keep Santa energized throughout the long night ahead of him.
The ritual of leaving out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa — and sometimes carrots for Santa’s reindeer — has become routine in the U.S. How did this get started? One theory contends that the concept is adapted from the original use for Christmas stockings, which were traditionally filled with treats for Santa. Families still hang stockings, but now they are filled with goodies for the family, while Santa gets a separate plate of milk and cookies. 
Another version of the story says that during the Depression, parents used Christmas as a time to teach their kids to share what they had, no matter how little, with others; leaving snacks out for Santa and his reindeer was part of that lesson.
Still another story links Santa’s snacks to Norse mythology. People would leave treats out for Odin’s eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, in the hopes the god would take the gift as an offering and visit their homes during his Yule hunting adventures. The ritual was passed down later to Dutch children, who would leave treats out for Sinterklaas and his horse. That tradition is still honored in the Netherlands today.  
Every Christmas Eve, children spoil Father Christmas’ horse with water, hay, and carrots. In exchange, they often receive marzipan, chocolate coins, and hot cocoa. The French fancy spoiling the animals, too, sometimes leaving Père Noël to fend for himself.
  • 1. Argentina

    In Argentina, children generally don’t receive presents until Three Kings Day on January 6, a day honoring the three Magi who visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem. The night before, kids leave their shoes outside their homes’ front doors to be filled with gifts. They also leave hay and water out for the Magi’s horses for energy on the long journey.
  • 2. Australia

    In Australia, it’s customary to leave Santa a cold beer. Cookies might also be offered, as well as carrots for the reindeer, but the beer is often the number one priority.  
  • 3. Chile

    In Chile, Viejo Pascuero, or Old Man Christmas, is left a pan de Pascua prepared by children. Pan de Pascua translates to Easter Bread, but it is a traditional Christmas treat of sponge cake flavored with candied fruit, ginger, and honey. After a dessert of the sweet treat in the evening, family members exchange gifts, and kids leave some sponge cake for Santa in hopes he will leave something for them.
  • 4. Denmark

    In Denmark, Father Christmas and his mischievous elves, or nisser, who take up shop in the attic of homes to keep an eye on things, expect to find a bowl of Christmas rice pudding waiting for them on Christmas Eve. The pudding, called risengrød, is made with sugar, cinnamon, and milk, and it’s also part of Christmas Eve dinner. Forget to leave it out, and Santa and the nisser may play some cheeky tricks.
  • 5. France

    Père Noël, as Santa is called in France, receives biscuits when he enters the home. Kids also leave out carrots for the reindeer, usually putting the food in their shoes and awakening on Christmas morning to find them stuffed with trinkets, toys, and treats.
  • 6. Germany

    German children leave out something more personal than snacks for Christkind, or Santa’s nickname in Germany. They write letters to Father Christmas, and some even decorate their letters with glue and sugar crystals so they sparkle in the night. In the morning, they awake to find the letters have been replaced with gifts.

Lettuce is worse for the environment than meat

werweewr435dsas324.jpgA study published last month in the scholarly journal Environment Systems and Decisions appears to contradict mounting evidence that meat farming is worse for the environment than growing fruits and vegetables.
According to new research from a team of Carnegie Mellon University scientists, “following the USDA recommendations to consume more fruits, vegetables, dairy and seafood is more harmful to the environment because those foods have relatively high resource uses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per calorie.”
In other words, the study says that following a mostly vegetarian diet has a more profound impact on climate change eating meat.
“Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon,” said Paul Fischbeck, professor of social and decisions sciences and engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon, in a press release. “Lots of common vegetables require more resources per calorie than you would think. Eggplant, celery and cucumbers look particularly bad when compared to pork or chicken.”
The research team looked at the entire food supply chain--from growing, to processing and transporting food, food sales and service, household storage and use—to determine what impact each step took on resources in the form of energy use, water use and GHG emissions.
Eating the so-called “recommended healthier foods”—a mix of mostly vegetables fruits, dairy and seafood—increased the environmental impact in all three categories, with energy use shooting up by 38 percent, water use increasing by 10 percent and GHG emissions increased by 6 percent.
Though many outlets were quick to decry vegetarian diets as worse than a standard omnivorous diet—flying in the fact of pro-veg celebrities like Morrissey and, more recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger—the study’s author admitted there were a few caveats to make.
"We looked at what Americans eat — we're not trying to change people's preferences — we looked at the USDA guidelines and assumed people would look at them and eat more of what they like," Fischbeck told Business Insider.
The study didn’t compare a traditional American diet with a pure vegetarian one. It compared a a 3,800 calorie per day diet (that’s what the average American consumes) that meets the USDA’s guidelines for adding fruits, veggies, and fish to a healthier one—one that restricted the number of calories—but also met the agency’s recommendations.
As per the lettuce comment, Fishbeck says it’s important to note the per calorie context.
Eating 100 calories of lettuce would amount to multiple heads, which, yes take more resources and amount to more greenhouse gas emissions than eating 100 calories of bacon—which would be about two small slices. But there are plenty of protein and calorie rich vegan foods that have a lower environmental impact than bacon.
"Absolutely beans and nuts and grains are good," Fischbeck said.
But the biggest takeaway from the study should be that eating  a “healthier” diet, which resulted in greater weight control, had a positive impact on the environment and reduced energy use, water use and GHG emissions from the food supply chain by about 9 percent. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization's average minimum daily requirement is 1,800—an amount which the average American far exceeds.

Heart diseases biggest killer worldwide

Heart disease and stroke were the No. 1 and No. 2 killers worldwide in 2013, shows a new report.
While 31 per cent of all deaths were from cardiovascular disease, with 80 per cent occurring in low- and middle-income countries as of 2013, stroke accounted for 11.8 per cent of all deaths, according to American Heart Association’s 2016 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics Update. “Statistics about cardiovascular disease and stroke, and particularly the metrics about death and the factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease are incredibly important,” said Mark Creager, president, American Heart Association (AHA).
Despite the progress in reducing the number of deaths from heart disease and stroke, the numbers are still too high, Creager said. Produced since 1958, the update is created from the most recent data available and compiled by the AHA, the US National Institutes of Health, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and other government sources.
The study found that one of every three deaths in the US in 2013 were from heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
Cardiovascular disease is not only the top killer in the US, but worldwide, David Siscovick, senior vice-president for research at the New York Academy of Medicine in New York City. Hypertension, obesity and diabetes are global epidemics, he said.
The update now tracks health factors and behaviours known to contribute to good cardiovascular health. These habits include smoking status, physical activity, healthy diet, body weight, and control of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.
“We need to maintain our vigour and resolve in promoting good cardiovascular health through lifestyle and recognition and treatment of risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and smoking,” Creager said. “We have made progress in the fight against cardiovascular disease, but the battle is not won,” Creager noted. The findings appeared in the journal Circulation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

55 Ways to Treat Your Girl like a Princess

1. Tell her she is beautiful (NOT hot, fine, or sexy.)
2. Hold her hand at any moment, even if it's just for a second.  Make her feel protected.
3. Leave her voice messages to wake up to.
4. Always tell her you love her every second of the day.
5. When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you.
6. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most.
7. Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is.
8. Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with.
9. Write her notes.  (She loves them.)
10. Introduce her to family and friends . . . as your girlfriend.
11. Play with her hair.
12. Pick her up, tickle her, and play-wrestle with her.
13. Sit in the park and just talk to her.
14. Throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night . . . just because you missed her.
15. Let her fall asleep in your arms.
16. Carve your names into a tree.
17. Never refuse to kiss her in public.
18. Give her piggyback rides.
19. Bring her flowers
20. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you're alone.
21. Look her in the eyes and smile.
22. Let her take as many pictures of you as she wants.
23. Slow dance with her, even if there isn't any music playing.
24. Kiss her in the rain.
25. Love her. If you don't, you're not going to treat her like a queen. Assuming that love is in place, it is up to you to treat her well.
26. Give her a nickname that she loves and makes her feel special.
27. Treat her special! Open doors for her, give her your coat when she's cold, don't let her walk on the curb, carry her purse, etc.
28. Do something for her without her asking you to do it. Surprise her by getting a card for her for no reason. Buy her chocolate on your way back home. Drop by or give a random call telling her that you miss and love her.  Understand that little things mean a lot!  A love note, rose, sweet text message or things like this just to let her know you are thinking of her and care for her.
29. Make her feel like the best thing in your life. She probably is!
30. It's okay to have friends (male or female); however, if your girlfriend has a problem with the female friends you should be willing to compromise.
31. Be careful about complimenting other girls, especially if she doesn't know them. She may get jealous and angry with you.
32. Don't ever hug friends for too long, especially if you know she's not too fond of the friend.  Also, don't treat your female friends like you'd treat her.  She's a special part of your life, so save the cuddly stuff exclusively for her.  Don't lean your head against one of your female friend's heads or nap with any of your female friends.  This will only make her jealous and distrusting.
33. When people diss her, stand up for her.
34. Be her best friend. Girls can be insanely loyal; she will be yours, no question.
35. Be yourself. Don't put on a fake show of yourself.
36. When you are spending time with her, make sure she has your attention. Make sure you listen to her and talk to her. Just sitting beside her doesn't count as time together.
37. DON'T CHEAT ON HER. It may seem foolproof, but girls tell each other everything about everything. Trust me, she WILL find out and you WILL be dead (or over.)
38. Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your ass at the drop of a hat, and a lot of them wouldn't even wait for the damn hat.
39. Every girl should eventually get THREE THINGS from her boyfriend- a stuffed animal, one of his sweatshirts, and a really pretty ring. Even if it's not a serious relationship.
40. If a guy is bothering her, it is your right to kick the shit out of him.
41. If you're talking to a female friend of yours, pull your girlfriend closer.
42. Memorize her god damn birthday. You forget her birthday and you're basically screwed for life.  Make her feel like her birthday is the most special day in the world
43. DON'T give her something stupid for her birthday or Christmas or Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be meaningful.  Jewelry is always nice.
44. After you've been dating for a while, realize that they really have started to trust you. When you have a girlfriend who truly trusts you, you have a lot more responsibility, privilege and control than you would think. Be careful with it, most guys would kill for that kind of power, and it can be lost in a nanosecond.
45. Put your arms around her waist and whisper in her ears.
46. Look deep into her eyes, put both hands on her cheeks, and tell her you love her more than anything.
47. Be the best boyfriend in the world.
48. Buy or make her something special once a month to show your love.
49. When something makes her mad stay with her until she is smiling again.  When she is crying wipe her tears away with your hand and hold her until she stops to let her know that you'll always be there for her
50. Look at her like she is the only woman in the world that you see.
51. Always remember the way and the date that you met.
52. Have your portrait taken together.  It will be a lifetime memory of your happy relationship and it may come in handy some day in the future-- when you need a photo for the newspaper engagement announcement!
53. Never talk about your ex-girlfriend in front of them.
54. Be her superman: no matter what she says or how she reacts to things, she's always going to need you.  Never let her down by failing to return a call or text and making her worry.
55. If you make a promise to her about something important, keep it.  Disappointment is one of the worst things that can happen to her, and when it comes from you it significantly hurts her.

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What a Girl Wants

1.  Girls Don't Only Like Confident Guys

We get a little worried if you freeze up when we talk to you, but otherwise, it's OK to be shy. It makes it even more impressive if you approach us first. Take a chance; don't hold back. It's better than spending your entire life wondering "what if...?"

2.  Girls Don't Care Much About Your Bad Skin

Acne isn't rare in teens! Most girls will see past it, so don't stress. It's likely that the majority of people around you also have acne, including girls. One day you'll get over the acne stage, but for now, just know it's not a factor that girls care too much about.

3.  Girls DO Care About Hygiene

It's OK to let yourself go sometimes, like on the weekends or when you're out getting sweaty. But a guy who showers daily, shaves regularly, brushes his hair and teeth and has nice nails is appealing. But don't wear nail polish! Not to be sexist, but it's unappealing to most girls because it's feminine. Also, some girls can't stand guys who bite their nails, so try not to. (Though we do it sometimes, too.)

4.  Don't Be Afraid to Have Fun

When it comes to flirting and dating, have fun and be yourself. That way, if you don't get the girl in the end, you'll still have your friends, some great memories, and your whole life ahead of you. Don't push your friends away or fight over a girl or anything like that. It's never worth it.

5.  Not Every Girl Wants the Stereotypical, Masculine Guy

You guys with big muscles, a six-pack and tanned skin. I, myself, prefer a guy who's more natural looking. If you like to work out and take care of yourself, then by all means, go for it, that's great! But don't go overboard 'cause at the end of the day, you still have to be cuddly :)    

6.  Girls Won't Stand for Being Used

Don't even think about asking a girl out if you're going to use her and then dump her! Most girls don't want to have sex until they're married or have met the right person. Don't everforce a girl to do anything, and don't try to get a girlfriend just to get lucky. If that's the case, give up now. We're looking for someone to love, to date long-term, and to adore for the way they make us feel.

7.  Girls Don't Like to Be Teased Too Much

We hate it and get the complete wrong idea from it. It makes us feel self-conscious, and often, if a guy who teases a girl ends up asking her out, she'll have her doubts and be put off. Treat her well - compliment her, strike up conversations. Don't sit on MSN waiting for her to make the first move. Girls love a man who makes the first move.

8.  The "Bad Boy" Thing Probably Won't Work

The "bad boy" persona isn't appealing to all girls. If you try to be "bad" for a girl and things with you two don't work out, then your reputation is ruined. And if you're not really a bad boy, then you're being fake. You're better off just being yourself.

9.  Don't Use More Hair Products Than We Do

I do admit, some guys can look really hot when they pull of the gelled/spiked-up look, but really - it gets weird if you spend more time on your hair in the morning than we do. And don't just go and dye your hair some super gross color that makes you look awful. Natural is often better.

10.  Girls Like You Just the Way You Are

Girls don't expect you to change. We love you whether you're large, skinny, tall, short...whatever. WE LOVE YOU. The little things you do can be more than enough to get a girl hooked: open a door, pick up something she's dropped, say hi, help her when she's struggling in class...whatever it is, she will appreciate it. Whenever a guy does something to or for a girl - good or bad - we'll think about it for the next few minutes or right up until we go to bed at night. Don't confuse us or leave us with a bad impression of you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The U.S. has 43 of the top 100 schools in an annual list of the world's most prestigious universities

The U.S. has 43 of the top 100 schools in an annual list of the world’s most prestigious universities.
This year the number one school in The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2015 is Harvard University, followed by Cambridge University. The U.S. and the UK are the best represented nations on the list – this year the U.S. claims 43 schools on the list, down from 46 last year and the UK boasts 12, up from 10 in 2014.
While the order has changed, the top six schools always remain constant, according to The Times Higher Education. Here is this year’s top ten:
  1. Harvard University
  2. Cambridge University
  3. University of Oxford
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of California, Berkeley
  7. Princeton University
  8. Yale University
  9. California Institute of Technology
  10. Columbia University

How To Make Cinnamon oil? 7 Medicinal Uses Of Cinnamon!

7 Medicinal Uses Of Cinnamon

Reduces Diabetes
It is found that cinnamon oil improve the common symptoms of diabetes. It fights insulin resistance power by improving the body’s response to insulin, it keeps blood glucose levels at moderate level, it lowers inflammation, and also increases antioxidant.
Blood circulation

Cinnamon helps to improve the circulation of blood due to the presence of a blood thinning compound within cinnamon. This blood circulation helps to significantly reduce pain. Good blood circulation also ensures oxygen supply to the body’s cells, which leads to higher metabolic activity. You can significantly reduce the chance of suffering from a heart attack by regularly consuming cinnamon.
Great Aphrodisiacs
It has been measured that cinnamon oil increase appetite, both physical and sexual. Eating cinnamon heats up your body and, in turn, your sex drive. A Single drop of cinnamon oil rubbed onto the genitals is famed for producing sexual stimulation power. It arouses both men and women, but it’s smell mostly favor men.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
As a digestive cinnamon dramatically reduces the uncomfortable feelings associated with IBS especially the bloating. It does this by killing bacteria and healing infections in the GI tract and enabling the gastric juices to work normally.
The widely cited Copenhagen university study is a hoax. Most of the evidence that Cinnamon helps arthritis is from personal testimonials. Some people claim drinking Cinnamon tea helps the pain from arthritis while others claim a Cinnamon Oil based massage oil helps ease the pain.
Weight Loss
Cinnamon apparently has the effect of thinning your blood thereby increasing blood circulation. Increased blood flow generally boosts your metabolism which is why it may be helpful in weight loss.
Colon Cancer
Cinnamon oil extract protected colon cells from DNA damage. Scientist reveal that cinnamaldehyde shows considerable potential as a safe, It is natural preventive for colon cancer and you should be added it more in your diet.
Home-made cinnamon oil recipe
Pure virgin olive oil
½ cup ground cinnamon
Cooking pan and gas stove or similar appliance.
-Heat virgin olive oil/safflower oil in medium heat stove
-Now add cinnamon and stir to mix with the olive oil/safflower oil.
-Boil for 3 minutes.
-Keep aside and let it cool.
-When cooled enough, press the cinnamon oil using a fine-mesh strainer lined with a coffee filter.
-Pour the strained cinnamon oil into a sterilized airtight jar or bottle.
-keep the cinnamon oil in a cool, dry and dark place for up to 30 days.